♥ Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Runaway Princess? uhh. not. D:

Date: 24th November O9'
Some draft for a friend's storyboard O_O
supposedly based on a runaway princess-cy kinda look.
but i guess i sorta failed. LOL.
3 drafts. this one is.. the weirdest?
the other 2 gged. oh hum. XD
hooray for pencil and paper!
(after drawing on sketchbooks for so long, normal white paper cant stand my wrath no more.)
crap. they darken too easily. ): )

Just sketching some random stuff @ 11:43 PM

♥ Sunday, November 22, 2009

>_> GG-ed. ):

21st November O9'
alright. this is really.. a fail.
i re-edited this after leaving it alone for like.. 1month plus.
and everything else got changed cept the eyes.
gah. i just know its screwed. Dx
drew it in sch, bus, mrt and whilst walking.
it has to be the 1st piece of work,
that underwent so many forms of transportation. HAHAHA.

Just sketching some random stuff @ 12:14 AM

♥ Friday, November 20, 2009


Date: 20th Nov O9'
XD this drawing took me like.. 1 week to complete >_>
approx 6 days. lol.
probably cause of the fact i kept erasing D:
and also i didnt really have much time to draw it.
oh wells.
heck, the eye so looks like this guy's eye.
XD *gets influenced by DYWTT*
ohb hum.

the eyes whom i probably got influnenced from. XD

Just sketching some random stuff @ 5:45 PM

♥ Monday, November 9, 2009

Edward fiesta. <3 LOL Utter Randomness.

Date : 8th November O9'
toying with a new paint tool my friend sent me.
an unreferenced picture of Edward Elric from FMA =x
was done with a pathetic mouse T_T
heck was it hard.
HAHAHA. but satisfying (:
i will use this program again,
but not anytime soon.
it took me like..
3 hours to draw this.
and it's not even up to my standard.
tho i love the air brushes and the layering.
makes things so much simpler. XD
for now i will return to the traditional "lao tu"
method of drawing.


p.s, its a chibified form of edward elric. XD ( though there's not much difference :X )
p.s.s didn't plan to draw him.
it was super random.

Just sketching some random stuff @ 1:05 AM