♥ Friday, March 30, 2012


Date: 30th March 2012
Happy early April Fool's day. My watch played a prank on me. and i dated the picture wrong.

ah well. so the pic should rightfully be 30th, not 29th D:

First attempt at twin portraits,and i'm really,really satisfied at the outcome.
was drawing at macs and inking in the mrt to pass time while waiting, and i got praised, twice!  ^ / / / ^
hahaha~ i feel so happy today~

used the new inking method i tried before, and tried to draw it as simply as possible.
Mainly to take focus to the clasped hands, which was the hardest part of the picture to draw. T__T

Drawing time: 2 hours
Inking time: 2 hours.

4 hours on a twin portrait XD hehehehe! long but satisfying! :D

Just sketching some random stuff @ 11:06 PM